Monrovia, Maryland
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We bought a house in MD from this builder. This is supposed to be a Luxury Home Builder and the price their homes from $500,000 to $800,000.

It seems to me their best work is only found in the model homes.

There were so many mistakes during the construction process. The project managers just show up and don't really do anything. First of all, they don't know the specifications you picked. They don't pick up simple and glaring mistakes. It felt as if the home owner is the one supervising the work and picking up these mistakes.

They don't supervise their subcontractors to make sure the work is being done right. The construction process was so horrible, in the end I refused to go there anymore just so I don't feel anymore disappointments. It took the fun away.

Also, they don't really pay much attention to the lots, they don't level the lot. If there are hills on your lot, they do nothing about it, so you are basically left with a lot that you either not use or have to spent money extra money to level it, or put in a deck or something.

A lot of issues came up after we moved, like a flooded bathroom causing a leakage into the room below it, squeaky floors, misaligned sockets, loose doors, mismatched stains. All these issues could have been prevented is someone was inspecting the work.

And yes, water in basement floor which they did not seems interested finding the cause. They told me to get my own inspector to check the problem.

Some of the project managers do not answer their phone, let alone return calls. It takes some them forever to resolve complaints. We moved in 3 months ago and still have small issues unresolved from the 30-day meeting after almost 4 months.

The customer service is not any better. 2 names we dealt with- Kathy and Caleb. They behave as if they have chips on their shoulders. When you make a complaint, they choose to note what is important.

This has been a regretful experience. If they were following through and fixing problems, returning calls, and not being so arrogant, thinks would be better. That has not been the case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: As above.

Monetary Loss: $11.

I liked: As above.

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Please call state attorney. You have rights and protection from fraud.


Hope the get sued


Have you thought about suing them? I'm having my own issues with a home we purchased from Ryan Homes (NV subsidiary), and my neighbors (all NV homes) have punch lists over 100 items long that have been getting dealt with for many months now.

I'm just wondering what documents we signed in the building process regarding litigation matters like this; I just haven't had time to read through the mountain of a paperwork they have us sign to see if a lawsuit is a viable option.

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