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I just found out that my 2009 NV Home was value engineered (cheapened) to save money in many ways.

When I asked during the purchase phase what were all of the things they changed the spec to save money, the sales agent assured me there really were no changes.

After living in the home I found out they widened the spacing of the floor joints to 24 inches which could explain why they can'y get the squeaks out of the floor.

The wall studs are now spaced to the max allowed by law as is the floor.

Also, I'm afraid to touch the wall.

Everytime we do it puts a dent in the wall.

The doors could not be more hollow - they keep warping.

Sometimes the doors close and latch and when the humidity changes a little they don't closed easily.

The company is losing so much money coming back out to fix and replace stuff that they should re-look their strategy of going cheap.

They also are using the cheapest sub contractors they can find and they are letting the subs in turn sub out to subs to make money without doing work. When I asked if they made sure illegals were not used on the home - they did not seem to care.

Anyway the home is always having issues and the blue tape is everywhere.

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It's 2019, NV Builder has gotten even worse.

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #962437

We have been in our NV home since 2008 and have had nothing but problems. Plumbing issues on every level.

Pipes weren't sealed, guts of every toilet have needed to be replaced, so many leaks I keep drywall sheets in my basement. We are on our 2nd home warranty we purchased because NV will not fix the junk they built and our first warranty was canceled because we used them so many times. We now have to have our entire tiled shower ripped out because the builder did not put any waterproof barrier behind tiled shower and no floor under shower pan. We have a few areas where the grout is starting to crack on the shower seat and it is coming through the ceiling of my family room by the gallons.

So fed up with this piece of junk it is not even funny. I have my contractors on speed dial.

to Anonymous Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #962442

Forgot to mention both AC units need to be replaced and have been leaking freon the last few years.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #785884

I totally agree with this review/complaint. We are owing a brand new NV Homes house currently.

This is a 3 month old house and already there are so many issues with the quality as I see. The weather stripping is such a poor quality it did not even last 1/3rd of the winter. The workmanship is pathetic and the quality of the materials they use for the construction is low. Even the appliances they provide are of moderate value/quality.

For a 700k house you would expect something better. I might as well have gone with the Ryan homes though they are a sister company, because in their case we at least know what we get which is poor quality everything but cheaper price.


nv homes is not in ohio.


This is all typical of home building with bigger builders. Beazer, Richmond American and Pulte. They all use the same subs/trade contractors, just usually differnt crews. KB puts their trades on the payroll, but they are still the same trades. They seemed to use 1/2" drywall instead of 5/8", which is why you have the issues with the walls.

The sales staff has no idea what the architect, design team, or superintendent does. Each team is designed to do their work. What you needed to do was point out everything during each walkthrough. Then, at the year end, get your warranty/service rep to commit to fixing what you found during the year. Check your state builders code to see how you can complain. AZ has a very good system as well as CA, but others may be a bit more relaxed. Check your contract on floor squeaks...they are not an acceptable issue unless your house is older. Find out who framed your house and call and complain to them directly if your warranty rep isn't.

Hope this helps.

to Jo #1624466

Excellent advise and feedback


What development / state are you in?

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