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I wish I had read this page before we bought our house. Our house is less than 3 years old and already the AC broke I had to have sealant and freon added- shocking my neighbor had to have the same thing done. When I called to see if they could help they shrugged me off and saw nothing wrong with a newer ac unit crapping out- they actually told me I should have bought a home warranty. Well wouldn't you know it my roof started leaking over the... Read more

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We bought a estate home in Marbury community. The house was completed but they have rushed through to finish the house. The finishing was really bad. The grout, caulk and paint work is atrocious. We had to to spend hours pointing out hundreds of places to be fixed. We haven't moved yet and find so many issues not sure what will happen after we move. The QA for the home was not really done correctly. Some of the windows don't lock and many... Read more

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I couldn't agree with you more. My husband and I purchased a house this year paying close to $700k and we are disgusted with all the mistakes in the house, poor craftsmanship and awful attitudes of people we are working with when we tell them there is a problem, especially when these problems are because they didn't do it right the first time. We have a leak in our ceiling, stairs chipping, walls Uneven, crown molding looks very sloppy and these... Read more

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We bought a house in MD from this builder. This is supposed to be a Luxury Home Builder and the price their homes from $500,000 to $800,000. It seems to me their best work is only found in the model homes. There were so many mistakes during the construction process. The project managers just show up and don't really do anything. First of all, they don't know the specifications you picked. They don't pick up simple and glaring mistakes. It felt... Read more

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In my opinion the workmanship of an NV Home does not even get close to what the sales person can actually be considered false advertisement. In less than 30 months I have had the house pressure valve explode, frozen pipes due to improper installation, water leaks on the master bedroom (because of exposed walls),fence posts coming apart due cheap installation, the lists keep on growing, a deck floor that had no pitch and water was... Read more

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In 2007 i bought a home from NV homes i have since found out the builder is dishonest. the craftsmanship is poor for eg my Jacuzzi had a chip on it and they covered it with paint the cabinets do not fit well they are crockett and falling off the hinges The floor creaks whenever you walk. water is seeping into the basement through a site that was left open with no brick on it during construction. stack in the middle of the foundation wall on... Read more

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Never buy a property from NV homes. We bought a house in 2004. The other day Orkin stopped by to sell some stuff and they told us we have termites in the house. Orkin pest control told us that this probably came through when the builder was laying the foundation as a 7 year old house can't have termites. When we contacted NV home they told us basically that we are screwed and they will do nothing for us. When we asked them for documentation to... Read more

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House 2006 cost:$600,000. 55+ community restricted to 2 bedrooms. Has first floor master BR. House has large loft area and 2 rooms upstairs one of which is not legally a bedroom unless it has a closet. Closet is in the hall. Many folks move the door out so closet then is inside the room. Not legal but they do it. HVAC return vent for the entire large upper level is in this hall. We did not move this door. So then, the system should be able to... Read more

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I just found out that my 2009 NV Home was value engineered (cheapened) to save money in many ways. When I asked during the purchase phase what were all of the things they changed the spec to save money, the sales agent assured me there really were no changes. After living in the home I found out they widened the spacing of the floor joints to 24 inches which could explain why they can'y get the squeaks out of the floor. The wall studs are... Read more

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